The 7 Years of Adventure

It was June 2016 when I started Vega Indonesia. In the beginning, I don’t even know what Vega is. It was because Tony Ang recommended me to Matthew Deayton and it all started from there. I thank Tony Ang for being such a friend and Matthew for trusting me to start Vega and convincing Laurie to call me a partner. 

It wasn’t a smooth beginning where the registration process is fast as Jokowi told the world, it took us at least 4-5 months to register, 3-4 times to do a presentation before the BKPM, and hundreds of hours to prepare the documents. And it was not all, we had our early projects, but we didn’t have the bank account for the working capital, it added up with excitement. With creative financial engineering, we finally made it, projects done, and ended up with friendships with all the people involved in the project. 

The Adventure continues with interesting stories, strategies, and tactics of how to win projects, and people, and how to improve our operation, to be more effective and efficient as an organization. We made lots of friendships along the way internally and externally. Living in Vega Indonesia was always adventurous, fun, challenging, interesting, and full of laughter, but always in focus to get the job done. We had our Morning briefing to make sure everyone is aligned, woke up at the same time, talk in the same frequency, and was ready to conquer the world at 09:00 every day. Not just about conquering the world, but we also had lots of fun with our adventure; Hiking in Mount Tangkuban Perahu, rafting, paintball, movies, bar hopping, and so on.

Vega Indonesia finally made it this far, one of the biggest AV system integrators in the corporate sector in Indonesia, thank our staff for their dedication, hard-smart work, loyalty, time, sweat, and friendship. Thank our friends and best friends that have supported us, collaborate with us, given us a chance to prove ourselves, created the best craftsmanship, and won the market together. The success is because of you and personally, I really-really respect all the effort that we have done together!

It is now 2023, 7 years after the start. I believe I have done my part and duty for Vega Indonesia and Vega Global, and it’s time to go and write another chapter of my Adventure. 

Thank you to all my friends, my best friends.

I will see you soon, real soon

and this time I will bring a bigger gun!

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