New Year 2023 Adventure – Gua Garunggang

How do you spend your New Year? New Year Party with fireworks in the evening, hanging out with families, lots of laughter, fireworks war? Well, I pretty much did that on new year’s evening, but I added some interesting activities afterward. here is the story.

We planned the trip on the 31st, but we were not sure whether it will be a Mount Salak Hike, or it will be just trekking in Sentul. But after 30 minutes of WA chat with the guide, we decided not to choose the Mount Salak hike, because a day won’t be enough. The Guide said to go to Salak, the trip will start from Cidahu – Puncak Manik – Cimelati, starting from 06:00 and finishing around 20:00. I think we don’t have that preparation yet for this kind of hike. So we decided to take the Sentul trekking, which will take probably a day only.

It was 1 January at 05:00 am when I heard the alarm. I jumped out of the bed and called out to the kids to tell them to prepare. I was rushing to the shower to get prepared, I was still a bit sleepy and tired since I guess I had only 4 hours of sleep after that fireworks thing at the new year gathering. I managed to get prepared in about 15 mins then I get my car on the road. It’s coming through Tol Lingkar Luar Jakarta and heading to Sentul. We have prepared the bag with our standard equipment for our hike. Small backpack, 1 liter of mineral water, a headlamp, a compass, and a handy talkie, for each person. We also spread the other equipment such as an emergency aid kit, a rope, and a knife.

We arrived in Sentul at 06:45 and our guide arrived at the small Indomie shop. We take our time to have a small talk with the guide, named Agus, and enjoy a bit of breakfast in the Indomie shop. after 30 mins, off we go to the starting point.

We started our walk from Leuwi Kunten, we parked our car in a small parking lot just beside the road. It was a rice field walk at the start, it was a beautiful green field.

It is a rainy season, the grounds are wet, and it’s muddy. Not easy to climb or decline. Agus, the guide provides us with the stick, it really helps the walk.

We go much deeper into the hills to the woods. Amazing! the trees and all it is just amazing!

after a few hours of walking, climbing, and downhill in a forest and rice field finally we arrived in a cave. It is a unique area filled with lots of stones and 3 caves. You can find that the stones are unique, it is just like they are carved.

It took us to go down a very steep ladder to find the cave, the Garunggang Cave.

It is good that we brought the headlamp. Preparation is important!

After the cave, we continue our climb for another 30 mins with a steep climb with wet ground. It was a very challenging climb but very interesting. We found the Ialang Hill (Bukit Ialang). But funny that we can’t find any Ialang left up the hill. It was only 1 (one) Jengkol tree left up on the hill. Agus said that it used to be covered by Ialang, which is why it is called Bukit Ialang. But not anymore. The view is amazing, it is a worthed climb.

It was 1st January 2023, and it was worthed to start the year with nature.

Happy New Year 2023 to us all. Optimism is in the air!


Agus the guide ( +62 857-7177-7434