Melvin Halpito

Hybrid Work?

It was 10:48 am and I sat in the Starbucks 12 minutes before my next important meeting. To attend the meeting, I must go to the 29th floor, which will take me approximately 5 minutes from where I sit. But now engineering design coordination requires me to open my Mac and see how we can solve the problem for the very important Audio Visual project that we are currently handling.

I can see it wasn’t a very busy morning for Starbucks, but I can say that they can’t complain about the number of customers and orders for that particular morning. While I was talking on my phone (I totally forgot to bring my headset) I heard a guy sitting in front of me talking confidently on his laptop screen. It wasn’t only the voice that caught my eye, but also the gestures that he made. It was very obvious that he was doing one of the most important HR Concept presentations in his life. That raised a question to me, Why didn’t he do it in his office? Instead, he chose Starbucks and he just exposed his HR strategy to me.

Hybrid work, Work From Home, and Work From Anywhere have been very interesting topics for us, the Technology Providers, and The Interior Designers. How do we build a space that now has different functions, requirements, or focus?

And I think it is not only affecting our designer’s friends but also our Property friends. What is the strategy for space providers and corporate real estate in this hybrid world?

This might be a calling for Technology providers, Space designers, Property providers, and Property Solution Providers to start an integrated discussion to anticipate what do we need to do to embrace the ever-changing business situation and opportunity. What is the next big thing that we need to do to help the business operate and grow?

is that Property Technology or is it Space Technology?

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