Happy Hijri New Year 1446H

Happy Hijri New Year 1446 H! Muharram, the first month in the Islamic calendar, not only marks the turn of the year, but also reminds us of the important values ​​in life. Muharram is the right time to reflect on our life journey, improve ourselves, and increase the quality of faith and piety.

In this blessed month, let us remember the struggles and sacrifices of our predecessors who have taught us the importance of patience, steadfastness and strong belief in facing various challenges. Muharram also reminds us to always try to be better individuals, both in relationships with fellow humans and with Allah SWT.

May this new year bring peace, happiness and success to all of us. Let’s make Muharram a momentum to start a new chapter with strong determination and high enthusiasm in achieving noble goals and aspirations. May we always be blessed and protected by Him in every step we take. Happy Hijri New Year 1446 H!

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