Happy Graduation Darryl Rafa Vinan Halpito

It was June 21 2024. Today is a very special day, the day Darryl Rafa Vinan Halpito, my beloved son graduated from High Scope Indonesia High School.

When my wife and I entered the large soundproof hall called the Black Box where the graduation ceremony was held, I felt something was different. The atmosphere full of enthusiasm and pride was palpable. Students in graduation gowns, excited parents, and proud teachers stood around, all ready to celebrate this great accomplishment.

I looked around the room and remembered the long journey my son had been on. Darryl, once a shy and quiet child, now stands on the threshold of a bigger world with extraordinary confidence. As I sat in a row of guest chairs, memories of Darryl’s struggle and hard work during high school began to flow.

Darryl was not the most accomplished student in his early high school years. However, with his perseverance and dedication, he continues to show extraordinary progress. I kept thinking about Darryl spending his evenings studying, the science projects he enthusiastically worked on, and how he began to show a great interest in technology, perhaps also inspired by my work. All these efforts bore fruit with impressive academic results and various awards he achieved.

When Darryl was called to receive his diploma, I felt an unstoppable wave of pride. I saw my son step forward with a big smile on his face, receiving his diploma from the principal to a standing ovation from everyone present. At that moment, I knew that all the sacrifices and support he had given Darryl had paid off.

After the graduation ceremony was over, I approached Darryl and hugged him tightly. I looked into Darryl’s eyes and said, “I’m very proud of you, son. Your achievements so far are truly extraordinary, and this is just the beginning. Keep trying and be a great person in the future.”

Darryl with teary eyes answered, “Thank you, Dad. I wouldn’t have been able to get here without your support. Everything I achieved was thanks to your guidance and inspiration.”

I feel moments like this are the most precious moments in life. Seeing my children successful and happy is the greatest gift I could receive.

That day, Darryl and I spent time with our family, celebrating our successes and reminiscing about our journey. I feel very grateful for all the progress that Darryl has achieved while in high school. I also feel proud because Darryl is not only successful in academics, but has also grown into a tough and inspiring young man.

Darryl’s achievements are clear proof that hard work and dedication always produce sweet results. With a sense of pride and hope, I look forward to a brighter future for my beloved son, Darryl Rafa Vinan Halpito.

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