Clearone Visit To DVI Experience Center

Today, I am very excited to welcome one of my good friend, he is the Regional Sales Manager of Clearone at the DVI Experience Center

This afternoon, we plan to hold a product knowledge meeting with the DVI Solutions team regarding Clearone’s newest product, namely Ceiling Mic

At this intimate meeting, I noticed that the Clear One Ceiling Mic offers an elegant design and easy installation, making it perfect for modern conference rooms. The product is also compatible with a wide range of AV systems, ensuring flexibility and ease of integration. 

The DVI Solutions team also saw firsthand how the Clear One Ceiling Mic improves communication quality. With clear sound and no distractions, every meeting becomes more productive and effective. 

I feel that this Collaboration is an important step to ensure DVI Solutions can continue to provide the best AV solutions for our clients. 

Our fun meeting ended with a light discussion at the dinner table while joking with each other. 

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